A Personal Choice

Enlightenment is a personal decision that doesn’t have anything to do with your belief system.

Photo by Fabian Wiktor on Pexels.com

Freedom precedes us, like sitting down precedes standing up. Subscribing to a belief system to find freedom is like getting up to sit down.

We want to sit with people and appreciate the beauty of it all. Pretty soon, somebody starts to conceptualize what we’re doing. There’s always that kid on the playground. You know the one: you’re tossing a ball around, and they show up and want to turn it into a game.

You go, okay. We’ll learn the game, and that’ll be fun. But the rules keep changing, because the kid keeps coming up with new rules.

You missed the orange cone. That’s a time-out. You can’t run diagonally!

Eventually, you realize you’re not going to play – you’re going to spend all recess trying to understand the rules. You can blame the kid if you want to. But believe me, they will be around.

This kid is our action tendencies (vasanas). We sit for the beauty of sitting. Then we figure we need a brand, a logo, a website, a theme song, a clothing line, a rule book, and a dear leader.

It happens. Fortunately, freedom is an inside decision. Whether you attend satsang or not, just be free.

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