Paths to Enlightenment

There are several reliable paths.

These paths are just different ways of saying the same thing.

1. Realize you are already there.

This perfectly valid admission catches some flack.

People who think enlightenment is the result of spiritual progress like to point out the horrors of your current existence.

But here you are, existing in this miraculous way of yours.

Perhaps you are already free.

Is it so hard to believe?

Once you stop scratching your itches, maybe you’ll find they went away all by themselves.

2. Make everything different by making everything the same.

We reflexively divide events into good, bad, and indifferent.

We are more concerned with what happens than how we respond.

You can explode the whole construct by seeing every moment as a sacred opportunity to give love and know peace.

Other people can’t alter your attitude.

Circumstances can’t determine your response.

3. Give all to God (or the implicate order).

The idea that you need fixing is cosmically funny.

As God said to Job: “Did you put Leviathan in the sea?”

When Wolter Keers saw Ramana Maharshi, he said it was like a bomb going off.

He said to himself:

Who on earth do you think you are, that you should … cultivate a garden full of problems and questions?

Your life until now was led by the belief in something totally imaginary.

Once Sri Bhagavan asked someone,

“How do you know that you are not realised”?

If you ponder over it, you will find this question is like an earthquake.

I look at him.

He makes it clear that I am this stillness.

This stillness that is the perfect equilibrium, deep unfathomable peace, fulfillment of everything, root of all joy where no desire can survive.

– Wolter Keers, “What does he mean to me?”

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